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good news!  Telegram will share the amounts received from ads with creators

good news! Telegram will share the amounts received from ads with creators

Good news for content creators who use cable. According to the app's CEO, Pavel Durov, streaming channel owners will be able to do so Monetize your chats From March. As a bonus, the platform promises to provide half of the amounts collected from advertising to creators. The news was announced publicly on the executive's own broadcast channel, Canal du Roof.

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In September 2023, Telegram launched its own virtual wallet, The Open Network (TON). At the time, the abbreviation TON stood for “Telegram Open Network,” but the name was dropped due to a legal dispute with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Later, TON was reborn with a new meaning, chosen with the help of the app community.

In this way, TON appeared independently of, and was only compatible with, the messenger. The platform thus became the wallet for Fragment, an auction platform that allows user identities and names to be negotiated on Telegram.

How will the channel be monetized?

According to Durov's post, the Telegram advertising platform will be open to all advertisers, and is available in several countries. However, the executive did not reveal which countries the new development would initially include. What is known so far is that owners of broadcast channels on Telegram will be entitled to a 50% commission on the revenue generated from linked ads in chats.

Durov explained that payments will be made through the TON platform, “in order to ensure that payments and withdrawals are fast and secure.” Thus, beneficiaries of the initiative will have a virtual wallet to be able to transfer cryptocurrencies on the platform.

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However, there is no information regarding interface issues, available functions and other technical details yet. Therefore, it is expected that new details will be released with the arrival of March and the Telegram advertising platform.