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Is your information out there?  Simple steps to check data leakage

Is your information out there? Simple steps to check data leakage

Did you know that while we surf the Internet, our data can be exposed to digital threats? With the increase in online activities, it is essential that we are aware of the risks and know how to protect our personal information. Here are five ways to know if your data has been leaked and how you can keep your information safe in the digital age.

Search your email on Google

A quick and simple way to check whether your data has been exposed is to search for your email address at Google. By entering your email in quotes into the Google search bar, you can determine whether it appears on websites, forums or listservs without authorization, which could indicate a possible leak of personal information.

Check for email and password leaks

Another important procedure is to check if your email has been compromised in a data leak. “Have you been Pwned?” This function is offered for free. Simply enter your email address on the service page to find out if it has been affected by a data breach and what incidents are related.

Enable Google Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web is a part of the Internet that is not accessible through traditional search engines, and where personal data can be disclosed without consent.

To help protect users, Google offers a free tool called Dark Web Report. With this feature, you can check whether your personal information appears on sites that are not indexed on the traditional web.

Check your score on Serasa

Monitor the result on Sirasa It can help identify potential fraudulent activity in your funds. Sudden changes in your score may indicate that your financial data has been compromised. Check your scores regularly and be aware of any significant changes.

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Set up security alerts in Gmail

If you use gmailYou can configure security alerts to be notified when a new login to your account occurs. This measure helps identify suspicious activity and protect your account from unauthorized access.

These simple tips can help ensure your information stays safe while you use the Internet. Stay tuned and protect yourself from potential data breaches!