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Agrishow 2024 brought drones, artificial intelligence and twice as many startups to agriculture

Agrishow 2024 brought drones, artificial intelligence and twice as many startups to agriculture

Bayer, another multinational giant in the sector, has created Agri-Copilot, which it calls the “ChatGPT of Agro.” The software, created in collaboration with Microsoft, responds in an intuitive and personalized way to rural producers’ questions, based on agricultural and environmental data.

Drones will have easier financing

Drones, once seen as a military technology of the future, are already being considered essential components of agriculture in 2024. With their own platforms with a protective area and screens for testing, companies have brought to Brazil specialized devices in this field, such as Eavision’s Pandora, the world’s first drone that integrates spraying, geographical mapping and load lifting.

The equipment is funded through a partnership between the cooperative and the São Paulo Ministry of AgricultureWhich launched a program to enable small and medium producers to use drones. With good demand, these flying objects are now in the catalog of credit unions, such as the DJI Agras T50, manufactured in China and sold this year by Coopercitrus.

Another venture that has served family farm businesses in the technology sector is Desenvolvimento SP, a financial credit institution regulated by Bacen, which acts as a development agency linked to the State Ministry of Economic Development. Focusing on micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (turnover from R$81,000 to R$300,000,000) and also working with municipalities, Desenvolvimento SP took its team of consultants to the fair to offer credit lines aimed at financing projects for farmers Sustainability, innovation and investments in machinery and tools agricultural.

Banco do Brasil, which in February announced an investment in startup Traive, has also brought resources to connect agricultural credit with technology companies. The AI-focused project was brokered through a corporate venture capital (CVC) programme, with contributions from the BB Impacto ASG Fund – managed by Vox Capital. However, at Agrishow, other resources have been directed to meet demand, according to BB consultants.

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