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The second phase of the money forgotten in the banks will return R$4 billion

The second phase of the money forgotten in the banks will return R$4 billion

Do you remember the system received values ​​(SVR) from Central Bank (BC)🇧🇷 The second phase of the consultation of receivables from “forgotten” accounts, that is, money forgotten by individuals and companies in banks, will soon be released. The new round will allow another R$4 billion to be withdrawn.

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The first phase, completed in April, has already issued another R$4 billion. It was supposed to continue on May 9, 2022, but the BC server downtime made resumption not possible.

The new SVR calendar should be released soon and news is expected between the end of this year and the beginning of 2023.

In its latest statement, the Foundation stated that reopening the system will allow for new consultations and the recovery of existing balances and information related to the values ​​of the deceased. The exact date, however, has not yet been reported.

What kind of forgotten money is in SVR?

a System of Values ​​Receivable (SVR) Bank accounts that have been closed but still have balances are considered. Withdrawals are made from a Pix key, which must be notified by the account holder on the BC website.

According to the foundation, SVR will release approximately R$4 billion in accounts that fall into the following situations:

  1. fees charged unnecessarily, and not provided for in the Terms of Commitment signed by the Bank with BC;
  2. Unnecessarily collected installments or obligations related to credit operations, not provided for in the terms of commitment signed by the Bank with the BC;
  3. Closed and postpaid payment accounts with available balance;
  4. Recording accounts maintained by stock brokerage firms and stock distribution firms to record closed customer operations with an available balance;
  5. entities subject to extrajudicial liquidation;
  6. credit guarantee fund;
  7. Credit Union Guarantee Fund.
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In the first phase of the “forgotten” money advisory, which was successful in early 2022, the SVR considered the following cases:

  1. checking accounts or savings accounts closed with an available balance;
  2. Prices, installments or obligations related to credit operations that are unnecessarily collected, provided that the return is provided within the commitment period signed by the Bank with BC;
  3. equity shares and distribution of net surpluses to beneficiaries and credit union participants,
  4. Unsolicited appeals related to closed consortium groups.

How do I prepare for a consultation?

If you want to know if you have money to take in this Phase 2 Sitema, you can prepare for a consultation now.

To make the query, go to the BC website via the page: Values ​​areceber.bcb.gov.br And see if the system is already available. If so, enter your CPF number, date of birth or CNPJ, and date of opening of the company to check receivables. You must be logged in Gov.br🇧🇷

If the answer is positive and you have ‘forgotten’ values, SVR will give you the option to notify Pix for the deposit. This is because, in this second phase, it will not be necessary to schedule the credit.

The Central Bank notifies that after submitting the application, the amount must be deposited into the account within 12 working days.

But be warned: Banks’ Forgotten Money options do not include PIS/Pasep salary allowance, FGTS balance and accounts opened with no movement or no full selection. Modifications to economic plans, agreements under legal dispute and institutions that are bankrupt or those undergoing bankruptcy are also not covered by the SVR.

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