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Fun fact: PS5 development kit appears for sale on eBay

Fun fact: PS5 development kit appears for sale on eBay

Earlier today, it was reported that a pair of PlayStation 5 development kits appeared on eBay before being pulled from the auction site within hours.

The items – the DFI-D1000AA development kit and the DFI-T1000AA test kit – were originally found by Twitter users Zuby Tech and iDCx1337 (via Kotaku), which was able to extract images from the list before they disappeared. A screenshot of the eBay page indicates that the two consoles managed to hit €2850 (about $3,373) after 12 attempts.

While the test kit looks nearly identical to the PlayStation 5’s retail models (also, apart from the large TEST stamp on the back, of course), the development kit images highlight the unique V-shaped construction used in the patents. before release. Also filmed for the eBay shortlist, there were two all-black DualSense controls.

However, any random person who gets their hands on these PlayStation 5 sets does not guarantee that they will be able to use them. When a Reddit user bought a similar PlayStation 4 console during a 2016 auction by a developer sleeping dogs, United Front Games, built-in security measures prevented them from accessing 800GB of console data. You can’t even play PlayStation 4 games. It’s possible that the consoles featured on eBay today have the same barriers.

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