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Rover Curiosity finds a "cat on a watercraft" on Mars (photo)

Rover Curiosity finds a “cat on a watercraft” on Mars (photo)

The American Curiosity Rover, found on Mars, has found a natural stone arc on the planet’s surface that has surprised NASA scientists and social media users alike.

The image was taken at the base of Mount Sharp on Mars, near which the rover landed in August 2012.

Among the recent photos of red planet landscape Sent to the ground, experts noticed a small stone arch – as a result of the winds – 15 centimeters high.

Many noticed the unusual shape of the arc against the background of a very flat surface: users of social networks found an analogy of the phenomenon with a cat on a watercraft or on the back of a snake.

Kevin M. Gill, an engineer at NASA, put together two images of the arc and posted them on Twitter with the caption:

I’ll leave that to the scientists to explain what the hell is going on here…

Curiosity Camera on Mars

The structure is located in the Gale de Mars crater, the site of a meteorite impact nearly four billion years old and likely to be contain water at some point From its ancient history, based on the clay and sulfur mineral deposits contained in it.

Curiosity landed on Mars in August 2012, in the Gale crater region. Its task is to determine whether there is microbial life on the planet’s surface or in the atmosphere.

Curiosity was reported to have had some issues with the wheels, which were badly damaged after a year of exploring the Gale crater. The rover has made several video recordings of the Martian surface, among other science experiments.

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Currently the Red Planet hosts several Exploration devices sent from the ground, including the latest Rover Perseverance, NASA’s Insight and Curiosity rover, as well as China’s Zurong Rover.