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Youtube can pay up to R$50,000 per month with a new feature

Youtube can pay up to R$50,000 per month with a new feature

Creators will now have another option to make money from it Youtube. The video platform intends to pay up to 10 thousand US dollars per month, which is about 50 thousand Brazilian reals.

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Content that spreads quickly will be paid for in the new Youtube Pants tool. The idea is to bring what TikTok does well to the platform: trending videos.

Monetization starts this month

According to The Verge, the estimate is an investment of $100 million throughout 2022. The first payments are due to begin in August 2021.

Although the amount fills the eyes of content producers, payment is not a guarantee. This is because the bills will depend on the number of people who make and watch the short films. In addition, the location of the breeder also affects the amount you will receive.

In addition to the above requirements, videos must be original. In other words, it is not allowed to use or watermark videos from other networks.

The good news is that the resource is located in 10 regions, including Brazil. The United States (USA) and the United Kingdom also participate.

Payment will be according to the relevance

Traditionally, YouTube pays content producers through ads. The ad pieces are reproduced in the videos and depend on the audience of the channel. With shorts, you are paid for the relevance of the content produced.

In this way, payment is made via a direct route between YouTube and the creator. Thus, the Short Fund will be replaced by a scalable long-term monetization program. That’s what Neil Mohan, YouTube Product Manager, says.

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The new form of winnings should be increasingly popular within the platform. NS tik tok And Snapchat are examples of how logic works. Content creators are paid according to the popularity of what they post and how relevant it is to the topic. Although it is more profitable, there is not a great deal of transparency in how the payment process works.

Mohan also stresses that content creators will not be required to use short films to monetize content. “If a content creator wants to do this with a two-hour documentary on a particular topic they are interested in, then YouTube should be the place to do it. If they want to do it with 15 short seconds mixing their favorite song from their favorite artists, they should be able to do so,”