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The former chancellor responds to Macron and reveals who is responsible for destroying Europe

The former chancellor responds to Macron and reveals who is responsible for destroying Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron issued an emotional and dubious plea that “Europe may die,” warning that military, economic, trade and other pressures could weaken and fragment the 27-nation European Union.

Former Minister Ernesto Araujo deconstructs President Macron’s narrative, noting that he appears to be referring to the European Union, and not to Europe as a cultural and civilizational space. The blame for weakening Europe, according to Araujo, lies with the European Union itself:

“The European Union specifically, with its project to destroy European national identities, is one of the main causes of Europe’s moribund state as a civilization.

The strength of Europe lies in the countries that make it up, and in its Greco-Roman roots and the Christian religion. The replacement of these pillars with a materialist vision devoid of strong identities began long ago, partly due to the influx of Marxist thought and practice, but accelerated in the 1990s when the European Union was formed to replace the European Economic Community, and became structured. The entire political and cultural life of Europeans, not just trade.

The EU has weaned Europeans from exercising basic freedoms in their national democracies and desensitized them to the progressive establishment of a surveillance society full of censorship, cancellations and bans. This control of thought prevents Europeans today from seriously discussing the biggest problem facing the continent: unlimited migration.

Macron himself has already declared that France needs to accept the “demographic transition,” which seems to mean a complete change of the country’s image to a Muslim-majority society, and the politically correct dominance of the media and institutions prevents this vision from being realized. They were duly interrogated,” the minister confirmed, in an exclusive interview with Fardadi.

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