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Claudia Raya insults critics of Rouant's Law: “They are functionally illiterate”

Claudia Raya insults critics of Rouant's Law: “They are functionally illiterate”

Criticism of actress Claudia Raya Rouant's law They are “functional illiteracy” of “people who don’t know what they are talking about”. She spoke about the issue in an interview published in the newspaper on Saturday the 20th Folha des Paulo.

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a artist He stressed that it would not be from public money, but rather from… Tax exemption For shepherds. However, this represents a decrease in revenue for Public safes.

In 2023, the federal government authorized the collection of R$16.5 billion, the largest amount in 2023. Rouant's law In 21 years. This is a value that represents four times what was declared in 2022.

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In 2023, Financial deficit It was R$234.3 billion, reflecting the surplus of R$59.7 billion obtained in 2022. Total revenues saw a real decline of 2.9%, losing R$72.3 billion.

Claudia Raya and R$5 million from Roanet Law

The actress got into controversy in 2023 when she was allowed to collect R$5 million via Rouant's law For two plays he acted in. In the same year, Claudia Raya He opened the doors of his mansion in the interior of São Paulo to architecture and gossip publications.

According to the magazine Home and garden, The armchairs in the actress's home alone are worth R$165,000.

The actress admits to voting Lola

In the interview with Folha, Claudia Raya admitted that she voted for the president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva In the 2022 elections. He said that this decision was taken because “Humanitarian“.

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According to her, “I didn't even have anything to think about” regarding the choice between them Lola And the former president Jair Bolsonaro.

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“I've never been a Labor Party, I'm nonpartisan, I'm a humanitarian, for social reasons,” the actress declared. “But if you ask me who I voted for, Ben Bolsonaro that it Lola“I voted for Lola, because there was no choice, and I didn't even have anything to think about.”

Bolsonaro has always been a critic Rouant's law. He commented on increasing permits in 2023, saying that it was “a disregard for taxpayers, especially those most affected.” poor“.