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“Expendables 4” had the series' worst debut at the US box office

“Expendables 4” had the series' worst debut at the US box office

The movie “The Expendables 4” Box office recorded low in the United States On the show's first weekend.

Production rose 8.3 million US dollars between Friday (22) and Sunday (24)having the worst opening performance of the franchise led by Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham.

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Release Its production cost is $100 million It is the first film in the franchise in nearly a decade. “Expendables 3” debuted in 2014, grossing $15.8 million in its opening weekend and amassing a total of $214 million worldwide.

continuation The horror film “Expendables” surpassed the box office revenues in the United States with the horror film “The Nun 2”, The film grossed US$8.4 million in its third week in theaters. Now, the film starring Taissa Farmiga has already grossed $69.2 million in the country.

North American box office It still features other weak performers, such as “Halloween” ($6.3 million) and “The Equalizer – Final Chapter.” ($4.7 million). The week's ranking ends with the movie “Barbie” receiving another $3.2 million. Produced by Warner Bros. It already totals $630.4 million in North America and $1.4 billion worldwide.

Recorded weekend One of the worst ticket sales of the yearwith a total of US$51.7 million, the lowest number so far in 2023.

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