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"Pipoca da Ivete": see photos from the first day of recording Ivete Sangalo |  TV and celebrities

“Pipoca da Ivete”: see photos from the first day of recording Ivete Sangalo | TV and celebrities

The start of the new program for Yvette SangaloCall Yvette Popcorn. It premieres on Sunday 24 July on Globo and promises a lot of fun for the audience. This Tuesday, 5/7, Mainha opened the studio doors and Gê was there to show you everything! Check it out in the video above!

See photos from the recording of the first movie “Pipoca da Ivete” – Photo: Ana Bazolli / Gshow

Excited about the new project, she said it will have a little bit of everything: games, puzzles, challenges, lots of music, of course, and chat. More than that, Vivita will also face competitions with his guests, famous or unknown. It’s to lift your feet off the ground!

During the recordings, Al-Bainah, who was dressed in a jacket and pants, made a joke on stage:

“I just like Chacrinha now!”

Yvette Sangalo on the recordings of her show “Biboca da Yvette” – Photo: Anna Pazuli/Jchu

Pause to style your hair – Photo: Ana Bazolli/Gshow

During the press conference at Estúdios Globo, the singer and presenter explained to reporters the meaning of the name “Pipoca da Ivete”.

“When you have popcorn, you see variety. It’s also similar to popcorn snack, practicality, and taste of popcorn. That name has to do with the purpose of the program, which is to disconnect from it all and have fun.”

“People associate me with fun and joy. And that’s my role, that’s what I know how to present. This program is a synthesis of all that I am a little bit. I will make my personality clear at all times.”

And don’t think that only Mainha is worried about the series premiere. At Bahian’s home, her son Marcelo’s expectations were also high.

“Without a doubt, not only my son, but all the people I can bring to participate, I’ll bring him. He (Marcelo) is like, ‘Mom, are you cool?'” Tell me what did you do? Tell me things I said “.”.

Ivete Sangalo says her son, Marcelo Sangalo, is looking forward to the premiere of ‘Pipoca da Ivete’ – Photo: Globo and Reproduction Social Networks

Yvette Sangalo dedicates Pipoca da Ivete to Xuxa Meneghel, Mara Maravilha and Faustão – Photo: TV Globo

Yvette still insists on it Dedicating his first appearance to three media personalities Important in its path were: Xuxa, Faustão and Mara Maravilha.

Yvette Sangalo Welcomes Diogo Nogueira to the Recording of “Biboca da Yvette”

Diogo Nogueira is the musical allure of the first ‘Pipoca da Ivete’ – Photo: Anna Pazuli/Gross

Diogo Nogueira sings with Yvette Sangalo in Pipoca da Ivete – Photo: Ana Bazolli/Gshow

And do you think the presenter won’t give a little bit of the show’s opening song? Check it out in the video below!

Yvette Sangalo sings the opening song for

Yvette Sangalo sings the opening song for “Beboca da Yvette”

Understand the idea of ​​”Evite Popcorn”

In the framework of “Family Battle”, based on the shape of the American strike “Family game fight”, The artist and her guest help two families play together, between challenges and guesswork, in search of the ultimate prize.

Yvette Sangalo takes charge of “Beboca da Yvette” – Photo: TV Globo

In another dynamic, the thousandth Ivete talent is being tested. She and the participants will be called upon to interpret classic scenes and plays at Globo. Surprises and interactions with the audience also promise to fundamentally change the program.