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Ciara has key absences to face Inter

Ciara has key absences to face Inter

Despite sending his best on the field, coach Marquinhos Santos will face a serious shortage in the confrontation with Inter. Fina, Kleber, Mendoza, Luiz Ottavio and goalkeeper Richard are some of the losses the Ciara captain has suffered in the past week. Also focusing on octaves South AmericanVozão seeks first place match at home by Brazilian.

To counter Ciara, Manu Menezes chose to take only two carriers to Fortaleza. With this, the confrontation will be full of changes on the part of both teams, which can lead to a technical fall in the match.

It is worth noting that the losses of Fina and Louise Ottavio were unexpected. Both have returned ill from Bolivia and should only be available for the second leg of the continental championship. Ciara won The Strongets 2-1 at altitude and sent the rankings to the quarter-finals.

Differently from that, Inter defeated Colo-Colo in Chile and despite the confrontation in the northeast, the Firobro’s focus shifted to reverse the score by two goals against the Chileans. For this reason, Mano Menezes will have a squad full of substitutes at Castelão.

Ciara’s possible line-up to face Inter:

Thus, the potential team that Marquinhos Santos will send to the field to face Inter will have: Vinicius Machado, Nino Paraiba, Messias, Gabriel Lacerda and Victor Luis; Richard, Sobral, and Jovan; Lima, Eric and Peixoto.