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‘It’s his arm’: CBF issues VAR for Botafogo goal disallowed in defeat to Bahia |  com.botafogo

‘It’s his arm’: CBF issues VAR for Botafogo goal disallowed in defeat to Bahia | com.botafogo

The CBF released images and audio from the VAR booth at the match Botafogo 1 × 2 Bahia, was held on Sunday evening at Nilton Santos Stadium, as part of the fifth round of the Brazilian League. One controversial move – and even the subject of coach Artur Jorge’s complaints – was Damian Suarez’s offside on Junior Santos’ goal. See the video below.

Watch and listen to VAR’s analysis of Damian Suarez’s offside

At the beginning of the second half, Marlon Freitas launched deep into Uruguay. The defender broke into the area and crossed for Junior Santos to finish the ball into the net. After just over two minutes of VAR review, referee Rafael Rodrigo Clín canceled the move due to a Uruguayan player being found offside at the start of play.

The video referee of the duel was Igor Junio ​​Benevenotto.

– The field is marked offside, okay? Wait, okay? Let’s draw the lines. The first defender, this one or the one below. Mark it, on top of the torso. Now let’s select the other player, move to the left…it will be 13 (Arias). Defender age 13 (Arias). Now put it on the striker (Damian Suarez). It can go up (the line), up to his arm…that’s the angle. Left, right… that’s it. It’s his arm. Well, you can confirm. Offside. No penalty, clean shot – said Igor Junio.

Damian Suarez offside in the Botafogo x Bahia match – Image: Reproduction

– We scored a goal a minute and a half after the start of the second half, and it was a clear goal for me. For me, he said, it is a goal and there is no obstacle that justifies its abolition.

PC Oliveira approves the appointment

While participating in the Troca de Passes, PC Oliveira, refereeing commentator for Globo channels, accepted the offside call.

BC Oliveira analyzes Botafogo’s disallowed goal

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