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Denilson "Picked" the Perfect Reinforcements and Leila Pereira's Campaigns to Open the Safe: "Sell the Plane"

Denilson “Picked” the Perfect Reinforcements and Leila Pereira’s Campaigns to Open the Safe: “Sell the Plane”

Palm trees

The presenter detailed in a relaxed manner, how the player would have progressed and excelled in Balestra

Photo: Danílson's Facebook page clone
Photo: Danílson’s Facebook page clone

Verdau’s search for an attacker has become urgent. In recent days, this search has become specific, with priority given to name. And striker Pedro from Flamengo fell to the requests of the fans it’s the Palm trees Even sounding player. However, on Friday (25), a voice joined the calls.

He’s commentator Denilson, a former player in a lecture Who, in a pleasant way, made reasonable arguments, which, in fact, could be trump cards of temptation to the desired attacker: “Pedro, come, be happy, my partner! Here Dodo will dedicate you, Rafael Vega, oh my God … Ron will do a lot for you, brother. What will you do at home? The team is good as hell too and giant. Pedro, you are the protagonist, be a hero in Palmeiras ”, Appeared on “Jojo Aberto” on Bandeirantes TV.

In the discussion proposed in the programme, on the future of Pedro, presenter Renata Fan He indicated details about the player and his reality in Javea: “Now, Pedro was playing at the beginning, but we still don’t know which team Paulo Sousa will propose. The fact is that in any team in Brazil, with the exception of Flamengo, he will be a completely starting player, i.e. the only place where he would oppose his position there. At Palmeiras, the team will turn with him into a rocket, today what the club lacks are nine”, explained Renata.

Finally, Denilson Shaw remained steadfast in the idea that Pedro should land at Alamedas in Palestra Italy and made an unusual proposal to President Leila Pereira to hire the central striker: “Sell the plane and give Pedro a little money, Layla,” fired the commentator.

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