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Analysis: Cruzeiro performs his duty, extends his lead in the second division and remains unbeatable at home |  Sea trip

Analysis: Cruzeiro performs his duty, extends his lead in the second division and remains unbeatable at home | Sea trip

It was the duty of the commander to beat the lantern. it’s the Sea trip He did what he had to do. Villa Nova won 2-0 and maintained their unbeatable position at Minerao in the second division. With 37 points, it opened the seven-point difference to Vasco, in second place, and 16 points from fifth, Sport, who is still playing in. round.

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The team achieved eight victories in Belo Horizonte. Seven in Mineirao and one in India. It is the only home team to achieve 100% success in the four national divisions.

Lovanor, of Cruzeiro, celebrates his goal against Villa Nova-Go – Photo: Gustavo Alexo

The result in Minerao led to an increase in fat in Sea trip In the second division, the team is becoming, more and more, among the favorites for access, and at this moment also, to the title of the national championship.

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against the VIA, the Sea trip Shareholders like Eduardo Brock and Willian Oliveira can still save them. The opportunity given to Wagner Leonardo after two months of injury. The defender did a good job and opened the scoring.

In the middle, Felipe Machado got another chance as a start, in his resumption of matches, also after injury. He played well, although he was a bit defensively motivated. He is increasingly one of Pezzolano’s main midfield options, in contention.

In attack, Levanor also got another chance and responded with an outstanding performance and goal. Besides Edu, who played a very deliberate game, with defensive contributions and good movement in attack, Lofa faced a lot of danger on the Villa Nova goal. The duo, for the second game in a row, were fine.

In the fifteenth round, it was Sea trip Exceeding a 96% chance of moving to Serie A, with the huge advantage it has over competitors. With it, the access road becomes shorter and clearer, round by round.

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5-Star Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Publicity

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