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The 20 most beautiful names in the world according to science

The 20 most beautiful names in the world according to science

Have you ever stopped to think about… The most beautiful names in the world? Those clusters of letters that seem to dance in your ears and awaken a feeling of instant magic?

It turns out that Sciences Also interested in this issue! By combining linguistic analysis, phonetic studies and cultural research, I’ve uncovered the 20 most astonishing first names in existence.

Choosing a name goes beyond just tradition or family traditions. It is a declaration of identity, an expression of affection, and sometimes, even a form of art.

From ancient times to the present day, Own names It has played a central role in defining our personality and our connection to the world around us.

From classic names that stand the test of time to modern picks that reflect current trends, let’s learn what makes each of these names truly special and catchy.

20 names that are the most beautiful, according to science

Learn about the 20 most beautiful names according to science – Image: iStock/Reproduction

Hey StadyLed by Dr. Bodo Winter, from the University of Birmingham, he selected the female and male names that are considered the most beautiful today.

Using linguistic and psychoanalytic techniques, the study investigated how the sound of names affects our emotional perception.

It has been discovered that certain sounds and sound combinations have the ability to wake up Emotions Positive, while others may not elicit the same emotional response.

This suggests that our preference for particular names is not simply a matter of personal taste, but is also rooted in universal patterns of common sense perception and linguistic meaning.

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Learn below about the names that are considered the most beautiful in the world, divided into male and female names.

The most beautiful male names

  • Anthony – “valuable” or “priceless”
  • Arthur – “Noble Bear” or “Great Bear”;
  • Benjamin – “beloved” or “son of happiness”;
  • Daniel – “God is my judge”;
  • David – “favorite” or “lover”;
  • Gabriel – “Fortress of God” or “Man of God”;
  • Isaac – “Son of Joy” or “He Will Laugh”;
  • Levi – “bound” or “united”;
  • Liam – “The Brave Protector”;
  • Lucas – “enlightened”;

The most beautiful first names for females, according to science

  • Alice – “of noble lineage”;
  • Amelia – “active” or “working”;
  • Aurora – “that which rises from the east” or “sunrise”;
  • Charlotte – “free woman” or “woman of the people”;
  • Elena/Helena – “shining” or “flame”;
  • Eve – “She who gives life”;
  • Isabella/Bella – “devoted to God” or “pure”;
  • Jessica – “God contemplates”;
  • Mary – “Pure Lady” or “Sovereign Lady”;
  • Maya – “Mother” or “Water”.