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Chicada Sushi, USA – The crunchy taste of a chef at the International

The chicatas that come out today in East America, an event that recurs once every 17 years, inspired the Washington chef to create the most intriguing flavor … and lasting.

Ban Lai, a supporter of healthy and eco-friendly foods, tasted roasted chikada sushi for free at a park in the US capital over the weekend.

“In a world where we are plagued by the greatest epidemic in history, it is not a disease, but food-related diseases, and we need to take a revolutionary approach to our eating habits,” he said.

This Hong Kong-born American chef demonstrated how to collect, cook and prepare cicadas as a way to demonstrate growing and feeding alternatives.

“Two billion people eat insects, and Americans do not eat insects,” he noted. “But half the world thinks insects are delicious, and they are.”

Bunn uses what is known as Proud X, one of the 15-liter intervals inhabiting the forests of Pennsylvania and Georgia, mainly in the districts of Colombia, Maryland, Virginia, Indiana and Tennessee.

As their incubation period ends underground this year, billions of leeches that have been feeding on tree roots since 2004 are formed to complete their life cycle.

“Chicadas and free outdoor food,” Bunn said on Twitter. “Come up with recipes and join me in being creative or eating!” For those who answered the call, the gastronomic adventure began with the collection of some of these insects.

– A pleasant surprise –

Stella Rock, who grew up scared of insects, was not too keen to try them, but saw this as an opportunity to allay her fears.

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“I’m here today because Bun Lai invited me to try chicatas, which I thought would be an interesting experience,” he said. “I decided to come because I heard about the whole Cicada disaster in the region.”

Eating these insects is not a normal thing. According to The Washington Magazine, a guide to life in the US capital, cicada tacos are popular on the menu of many restaurants today. There is no shortage of chicory with chocolate.

Bunn, however, urged people to be careful not to turn the cicadas into “good food tasting food”, which could lead to over-consumption, he stressed, “because we have made so many creatures that we have become hysterical.”

The team collected cicadas and edible plants throughout the park under the guidance of Bun.

Before frying in a large frying pan the chef seasoned the cicadas with salt. Finally, fried onions became the star ingredient in sushi.

Rogue, anticipating the worst, said he was actually “pleasantly surprised”.

“Actually, I was scared when I had sushi,” he said.

“But really, it’s very tasty.” For those interested, he noted that cicadas have a “very crunchy nut flavor”.