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Did the Portuguese prevent them from entering the United Kingdom?  To find out why P.S.

Did the Portuguese prevent them from entering the United Kingdom? To find out why P.S.

In a question to the Foreign Ministry, he said, “It is important to know whether the English authorities have duly informed the Portuguese embassy officials about the proper evictions and detentions, and whether the citizens have been informed of their rights when this happens.” .

Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities Berta Nunes last week told Lusa that the absence of a work visa prevented at least two Portuguese citizens from entering the UK, one of whom was temporarily detained.

“Both nationals were with the embassy, ​​and both cases were subject to dialogue with British authorities. These nationals were told to return to Portugal, as it had happened,” he said.

According to other reports, dozens of other Europeans have been temporarily detained in detention centers or in difficult situations, which could lead to better cooperation and violations of EU rights and rules.

Socialist delegates subscribing to the interim are concerned about the situation, as the Portuguese community of more than 300,000 people “may have problems with their travels, especially in a holiday setting, which has hampered the public services to broadcast epidemic documents.” .

They also ask what the EU and Portugal can do to “prevent the UK from abusing EU citizens and violating fundamental rights”.

During a visit to the United Kingdom last week, Berta Nunes, Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, assured that citizens could enter the United Kingdom and stay without a visa for up to 90 days or visit tourists or family.

“You only need a visa for those coming to work from Portugal. If you come to work, you must bring a residence visa and contract,” he recalled, referring to the new immigration rules that have been in effect since the UK left the EU (Brexit).

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