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Mexico lowers aviation security rating US – International

The United States announced on Tuesday (25) that it had downgraded Mexico’s aviation safety rating, barring Mexican carriers from providing new services or routes in their region.

The move by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prevents U.S. airlines from marketing and selling with Mexican partners, although this does not affect the service of existing Mexican airlines in the United States.

“The FAA will increase the number of Mexican airlines exploring flights to the United States,” the U.S. regulatory agency said in a statement, citing a lack of “many areas” in terms of aviation safety.

According to his assessment, the UN, which regulates global aviation, The Mexican government has not met the standards of the organization International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). As a result, the FAA decided that Mexico’s security rating was now “Type 2” instead of “Type 1”.

Mexico’s President Anders Manuel Elbez Obrador said on Monday that the United States should not take such action because his country “meets all standards” and meets “requirements.”

“However, there are interests, because the airlines in the United States are the beneficiaries when there is such a move,” LeBron Obrador told his daily news conference.

The Mexican president ruled that the decision would severely affect Mexican companies because, according to him, they are more focused on domestic transport, and there is an increase in the number of flights after the reduction caused by the epidemic.

– Option to help –

Aeromexico, the Latin American airline, said in a statement that its operations would not be affected and offered to support Mexican authorities in regaining the status quo.

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In turn, low-cost Mexican airline Volaris highlights the “tremendous improvements recorded over the past few months from the observations of US authority” and opens up the opportunity to “build a better aircraft in the country.”

Meanwhile, the Mexican Aviation Pilots Union Association has ensured that its 1,900 active members meet “the highest safety standards”.

Disqualification means that Mexican laws or regulations do not guarantee “minimum national standards for international security” and that “the Civil Aviation Authority does not have one or more areas such as technical experience, trained personnel, registration, inspection procedures or settlement security issues”. “The FAA explained.

The U.S. regulatory body, which conducted the assessment from October 2020 to February 2021, said it was ready to assist its Mexican rival, the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), to improve its oversight system, making the country “Type 1”.