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Caribbean eggs have been sold out and are no longer being produced this year

Caribbean eggs have been sold out and are no longer being produced this year

This year, 13 million Easter eggs were produced by Nestlé and Garotto, a 10% increase over the previous year. According to Nestlé, chocolate production for Easter 2024 was completed in January. However, the company confirms that other items in the portfolio remain available for purchase in the final period of Easter.

Stores even sell Caribbean eggs for R$398.48. When reviewing the report on the Mercado Livre website, this Thursday (21), it was possible to notice that there are stores selling the item for approximately R$400, and according to Nestlé, the sweets will be sold for approximately R$40 in markets and stores. .

At the Garuto factory, about 600 kg of candy units are sold in bulk per month. Caribe is also among the brand's bestsellers, competing for the podium with 'Crocante' and 'Operetta'. Despite the success, the company has not said whether there will be a Caribbean Easter egg in 2025.

We know the Caribbean is a dessert that has always divided opinions, generating polarization among consumers, but we never imagined it would fly off shelves so quickly. Since its announcement, the egg has created a huge buzz among its fans, mainly due to the huge demand for it from our SAC and on social media. Caribe's success is due to it being a different bonbon, a product that already has a history within Garuto, with a tradition that includes the Brazilian tradition of mixing bananas with chocolate in an innovative way.
Mariana Marcossi, Director of Nestlé Chocolate Company

Caribbean Easter eggs, from Garuto, sell at Mercado Livre for nearly R$400 Photo: Reproduction / Website / Mercado Livre