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Released today (03/21) Total FGTS Balance for Withdrawal?  Understand the news announced by the government

Released today (03/21) Total FGTS Balance for Withdrawal? Understand the news announced by the government

Total FGTS withdrawal It could contribute extra money to Brazilians' pockets. The amount is collected monthly by employers, but workers can only access the resource in certain situations. Understand what can change.

Released today (03/21) Total FGTS Balance for Withdrawal? Understanding the news announced by the government (Photo: Jeane de Oliveira/FDR)

Hey Service time guarantee fund It is a kind of “forced saving”. Resources remain in the accounts and work can only be done FGTS withdrawal In some situations. The main reason is unfair dismissal.

Now, the government is studying the possibility of withdrawing the total amount from the fund, so that about 7.2 million people will benefit from it.

Total FGTS withdrawal

  • The idea is Allowing workers to withdraw the full amount deposited in their accounts even during the two-year period.
  • Currently during this period it is not possible to make a complete withdrawal.
  • In addition, the government is also analyzing the possibility of releasing resources to those who have joined the organization Birthday loot.
  • In this method, if the worker is fired, he loses the right to withdraw the rest of the account balance for 25 months.

Our columnist Laura Alvarenga explains this release on the anniversary of the withdrawal, paying off.

Christmas draw alternative

  • The high level of support for the Christmas raffle shows that Brazilians need extra money.
  • When considering ending this method, the government is considering the alternative, which would be… Payroll loan.
  • It will be available through FGTS digital platform.
  • In this system, Brazilians will be able to do so Check the interest rates and choose the banking institution from which you will take the loan.
  • This will give greater freedom to workers, as salary loans can currently only be deployed at the company's partner banks.
  • FGTS Digital went live on March 1st and allows you to check the amount available for withdrawal.
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