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Campos confirms two cases of monkeypox

Campos confirms two cases of monkeypox

One patient was admitted to an isolation bed in the HFM sector and another was under home monitoring

The Municipal Health Administration (SMS), through the Sub-Secretariat for Basic Care, Monitoring and Health Promotion (Subpav), has obtained confirmation of two cases of monkeypox in Campos, transmitted by monkeypox virus. Laboratory examinations of the patients were performed at the Noel Nautilus Central Laboratory of Public Health (LACEN/RJ). A patient was admitted to an isolation bed in the Infectious Parasitic Diseases Sector of Ferreira Machado Hospital (HFM), early Tuesday afternoon (02). The other is under home surveillance.

According to the secretary, the patient who required hospitalization is 33 years old. He has a travel history to Natal (Northeast) and Sao Paulo in the last 30 days. He also presented a systemic clinical picture and characteristic lesions of smallpox, after outpatient care in an emergency care unit (UPA). The laboratory examination materials were collected last Thursday (28) and the result was sent to the municipality on Monday (1).

These are the first confirmed cases in the city. So far, there is no doubt among the contacts, but we will continue the daily medical assessment, ”explains the Undersecretary of the Subpav Ministry, Rodrigo Carneiro. The specialist believes that the contamination occurred in the displacement between one city and another to which the patient traveled.

The second patient, who is also male, is 40 years old and has recently traveled to Rio de Janeiro. He came to Ferreira Machado Hospital (HFM), and collected material for analysis also on Thursday (28) and the result confirmed monkeypox infection on Tuesday afternoon (2).

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The patient who required hospitalization is in a stable condition. The contacts – people with whom he was in contact after flights – are in home isolation and are being monitored by the Strategic Health Surveillance Information Center in Campos (CIEVS/Campos). The second patient and his contacts were also isolated. Both patients have comorbidities.

“It is important to stress that, to date, there is no evidence of original circulation, that is, of circulation of the virus within the city, with local transmission. The cases that we have, one confirmed and one suspected, is very likely due to infection outside the municipality limits. This It does not mean that we do not have a spread of the virus in the near future within the city,” says Carneiro.

Source: Secom