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Lilian Ribeiro celebrates the end of radiotherapy for breast cancer

Lilian Ribeiro celebrates the end of radiotherapy for breast cancer

Journalist Lilian Ribeiro, 37, of GloboNews, celebrated the end of radiotherapy for breast cancer. In a video shared on a social network, she showed excitement after Seven months of the disease control procedure.

In a video shared on Instagram, the journalist is shown playing a Youtube version with the sound of Santa Claus’ bell. Excited, she screams to say the radiotherapy is over. “It’s over,” she said. “Santa song. Let’s go.”

In the comment, Lillian commented on the operation during these months and also thanked everyone who accompanied her at that moment. “is over! twenty Fifth radiotherapy session! Seven months of treatment and that day has come! Thank God, family, friends and many more I don’t even know, but asked at the time. She said: Thank you very much!

After publication, countless work friends celebrated the end of Lillian’s cancer treatment. “Long live! Infinite health and love, my friend!” wrote Elaine Medlej. “What a joy,” said Fatima Bernardes. Camila Pomphim, Globo’s Brasilia correspondent, also celebrated. He said, “Long live! What great news.”

The journalist was diagnosed with a breast cancer In October last year the Detecting the disease live on “M Bota”. (Globo News). On the show, she admitted it’s not easy, but we’re “moving forward.”

You may have noticed that I look a little different and I really want to share with you why. On October 1, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s hard, not easy. I treat myself and take care of myself. I have started chemotherapy and am doing well, according to the doctors. Some of the reactions are a little boring, but we’ve moved on. Like most people who have undergone chemotherapy, my hair has been lost Lilian Ribeiro

“In the process on my way to recovery, I’ll appear like this on GloboNews. I really wanted this scarf to be a reminder of the fact that I’m doing my best for myself, and that includes being here. Even with the guidance of my doctors, who have confirmed that being here helps me too.”

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In a live broadcast with presenter Anna Furtado, 48, who also faced the disease a few years ago, recalls the occasion on which the diagnosis of the disease was confirmed. “It’s very difficult. Feeling powerless, feeling like you have no control over it. It’s going to be associated with poor health, fragility – and I’ve always been strong, and I’ve always had to be very strong,” he said.

Like many patients, Lillian chose to shave her hair to ease the side effects of chemotherapy. “Hair loss is a glaring sign of a fragility that I neither belong to nor desire to. [a doença] For everyone.”

“I’m working with the photo, so I couldn’t be on TV and not tell what was going on. I even prepared myself, when I decided to take on the possibility of wearing a scarf in the direction of Globo News. [no ar] – Because I wanted to continue living while I treat myself, ”the speaker explained.

For Lillian, support not only from friends and family, but also from fans, was essential for her to be able to meet the challenges of cancer in a less disruptive way. “What happened was a flood of love and support,” she says. “I felt so hugged.”