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Britney is emancipated from her father, but still cannot access her fortune

And Britney Spears reacted with tears of joy when she learned that American justice decided, this Wednesday, the end of the guardianship that the singer’s father had exercised for 13 years. According to a source close to the “Toxic” translator heard by The New York Post, Brett followed up on revealing the verdict over the phone and simply “broke down” when she heard the judge release her from the control he has labeled “abusive” exercised since 2008 by Jimmy Spears, patriarch Spears, who was to seek damages in court of at least $2 million (10.8 million R$) for his years as guardian of the most famous heiress.

“Is he there [Britney] The source told the Washington Post that Spears is still in shock. Because of everything she’s been through in the last few months, but at the same time, she’s so happy.

However, technically, the little pop princess will not be able to access her assets, which are estimated at at least 60 million US dollars (322.8 million Brazilian reals), since the judge in charge of the complicated situation also decided that the official agent must He temporarily assumes Jimmy’s location until everything can be properly transferred to his owner. The pop star is also likely to ask for a judicial review to see if her fortune has been properly managed by Jimmy over the course of 13 years or if he made mistakes that caused some mischief. “The only loss in this case was hers,” Jamie said Thursday, commenting on yesterday’s court ruling.

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