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The Nun 2 grossed $3.1 million in its US premiere

The Nun 2 grossed $3.1 million in its US premiere

Nun 2“Made a scary entry at the US box office, according to Delivery time.

The film was an impressive success 3.1 million US dollars in its preview, indicating a promising start to its opening weekend in US theaters.

The film is on its way out 30 million US dollars in revenue during its opening weekend in the United States.

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On the review aggregator website Rotten tomatoesThe film opened with A 61% agreeHe is Average score 5.6/10.

Check out some reviews:

“The Nun 2 has some interesting ideas and some interesting scenes…” – San Francisco Chronicle

“The Nun 2 ups the fear factor by taking a ‘more is more’ approach to everything from the settings to the mythology. It’s a more upbeat entry that falters with its excesses and fails to capture what made Valak so scary before.” Bloody disgusting

“In some aspects, it is an improvement over its predecessor, in others it is not. This is finally another good enough entry that is sure to profitably extend the life of the series.” – diverse

“When movie producers lose interest in evil nuns, it’s time to start looking for new ways to be scary.” – Sydney Morning Herald

“The Nun 2 is an impressively effective, bloody and frightening addition to the ‘Conjuring’ universe.” – Collider

Remember the trailer:

Storm Reid, Anna Popplewell, Caitlin Rose Downey, Jonas Bloquet Others are also part of the cast.

Bonnie Aarons He reprises his role as a demonic creature.

1956 – France. A priest was killed. Evil is spreading. The sequel to the hit film ‘The Nun’ will follow Sister Irene as she once again comes face to face with the demon VALAK – the demon nun.

Michael Chavez, “responsible for terrorism”What do I have?tion of Chorona‘and by’Sorcery 3: The Devil’s Command“, enters as an exit. Akilah Cooper, Ian Goldberg that it Richard Naing Sign the script.

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