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Botafogo defeats Portuguesa in Luso-Brasileiro and advances to the Carioca Under-20 semi-finals.

Botafogo defeats Portuguesa in Luso-Brasileiro and advances to the Carioca Under-20 semi-finals.

After losing the first match 1-0 against Nilton Santos, Botafogo Defeated Portuguese By 2-0 this Saturday, in Luso Brasileiro, I managed to advance to the semi-finals of the Carioca championship under 20 years old. The next challenger will come out of the confrontation between Vasco and Resende – in the first match Cruz Maltino won 3-0.

Botafogo needed goals, and formed an attack in the first half. And he managed to open the scoring after 10 minutes: Ryan crossed, Joao Guilherme tested the middle, Sabata managed to turn around, Bernardo Vallem filled his foot and hit a superb shot, making it 1-0.

The result Botafogo needed could have come in the first half. In the 23rd minute, Ryan attempted a cross and the ball hit the crossbar. Six minutes later, João Guilherme made a good move on the left, stepped back and Kawi hit a low shot, but goalkeeper Renan Ribeiro saved it with his feet.

The vinigra pressure continued into the second phase. In the sixth minute, Sabata played in the area, shot the goalkeeper, Joao Guilherme (a good player!) Bounced the rebound and saved Renan Ribeiro. The qualifying goal came later. On 15 minutes, Kawa Bernardo Vallem stormed into the area. Cowie took the penalty kick and made it 2-0.

In the final 15 minutes, Portuguesa increased the pressure, needing just one more goal. First, Lempio had a chance after being thrown, but Heitor did well in the muffle. After that, Kevin played in the area, Pedro Henrique dodged and Heitor made a great save, avoiding the white and black disqualification.

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data sheet
Portugal 0 x 2 Botafogo

stadium: Luso Brazilian
date and time: 6/17/2023 – 10 a.m
to rule: Igor Lourenco Abbot dos Santos (RJ)
Assistants: Marcelo Araujo Osimo (RJ) and Luan Martins Fonseca (RJ)
Yellow cards: Alisson Silva and Joao Miguel (Bour); Seraphim, Sabata, Gregory and Antonio Villa (BOT)
Red cards:
Objectives: Bernardo Vallem 10’/T1 (0-1) and Kauê 17’/T2 (0-2)

Portuguese: Renan Ribeiro, Kevin, Patrick, Rafael Arruda and Alison Silva; Kawa, Joao Miguel and Pedro Henrique; Hugo (Mabio 14 min / T2), Alisson Fiorini (Kequi Renan 30 min / T2) and Thiago Karius – Coach: Wagner Andrade.

Botafogo: Hector. Ryan (Joao Lucas 39 min/2ºT), Kwan, Seraphim and Gregory; Felipe Vieira, Kawi (Peloggia 39’/T2) and Bernardo Valim (Rhuan Lucas 25’/T2); Sapata, Kauan Maranhão (Jhonnatha 25’/T2) and João Guilherme (Antônio Villa 25’/T2) – Coach: Thiago de Camillis.