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Palmeiras scores two goals in the first place, beats Atlético Go, and qualifies in Copeña - 01/15/2022

Palmeiras scores two goals in the first place, beats Atlético Go, and qualifies in Copeña – 01/15/2022

Palmeiras completely dominated the match against him Atlético jo He won 3-0 in today’s match (15), in Inamar, Diadema. The victory secures a place for Verdau in the Round of 16 of Copeña and eliminates Dragau from the tournament.

With only 14 minutes of ball rolling, the Sao Paulo team was already winning 2-0, with goals from Fabinho and Gabriel Silva. Even with the supremacy, Palestra maintained his aggressiveness and managed to expand in the 30 minutes of the second stage, in a penalty that Andric suffered and converted from Vetinho.

Alverde must return to the second field (17), for the fourth stage of the competition. The winning team will face the duel between Internacional and Portuguesa. The two teams face each other later, at 15:00.

success formula

Palmeiras started the match by attacking Atlético-GO and was able to score with only six minutes of dribbling the ball. After a short corner kick, Giovanni sent a cross to Fabinho, who beat the defender at the first post and sent it into the net. The midfielder had already opened the scoring in the previous game (4-0 win over Mawa) as the defense predicted at the first post.

constant pressure

The advantage in the score did not reduce the thrust from Palmeiras, which continued to put pressure on Robro Negro. At 14, Jonathan won the intervention against Michel and advanced to the left and rolled to Gabriel Silva inside the area. Only the striker had the function of pushing into the net.

At 26, Vitinho had the opportunity to extend his head, but the ball crossed the goal. Atlético-GO’s response came in the air as well, with Lucas in the 31st minute. Goalkeeper Mateus showed safety and made a great save.

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At the end of Phase One, Palestra still had two good opportunities to expand. In a very quick counter-attack, Vitinho went out in front of the goalkeeper, in the 38th minute, but he hit the defender and only took a corner kick. At 42, Giovanni hit a right cross and Liu was able to rest the ball.


Verdau went back to the thousand-hour pace in the second stage and Liu made a fine save again with one minute. Head-to-head with the archer, Gabriel Silva tried to hit the ball, but Liu switched hands to avoid the goal.

The goalkeeper was the highlight of the Goiás team, as he saved Giovani’s kick, at 10, and Kevin’s free kick, at 23. Atlético-GO’s best chance came in the second half in the 17th minute, when João Lucas crossed from the left to Daniel. Keeper Mateus seemed to be repelling and avoiding what would be the honor’s goal.

Indrik is coming well again

In the past five days due to Covid-19, striker Indrik only stepped onto the field in the 27th minute of the second half. It was enough to take the ball once to enter the area with danger and Kleberson drops it. In the penalty kick, Vetinho touches the left corner, taking any chance from the goalkeeper who hits the side.

At 47, he saw the goalkeeper in front and risked a high shot by midfield. But the beautiful movement was far from ending with a goal.

A crowd is late, but sings and rattles

Palmeiras fans threw a beautiful party in Diadema, occupying most of the stands in the Inamar region. However, many of them did not arrive before 11 am and missed the team’s first goals that came in the first 14 minutes of the match.

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Players are coming back well from covid

Coach Paulo Victor has made two important returns, from athletes who were with Covid, to assemble the Palmeiras team. Jonathan Tested negative yesterday (14), cast training and started. Young Indrik, the most prominent team in the tournament, also had his negative test, but not only today (15), and, accordingly, he did not have time to work with the rest of the actors, working only 20 minutes.

The Academy cubs who worked before the Dragon are: Matthews; Garcia, Naves (Roan Santos), Lucas Freitas and Vanderlane (Ian); Fabinho, Pedro Bicalho (Pedro Lima) and Jonathan (Kevin); Vitino, Giovanni (Lucas Senna) and Gabriel Silva (Indrick).

Ambulance set off

It seems that he suffered severe pain in his left leg, and striker Jean Carlos left the match at exactly 27 of the second stage. Soon, the Dragon striker went to an ambulance on the field to receive a better diagnosis of his injury.