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Boninho releases a new mystery about the identity of the two brothers · TV news

Boninho releases a new mystery about the identity of the two brothers · TV news

JB de Oliveira, aka Boninho, has taken advantage of a trip to New York to solve a new mystery about the identity of the participants in the Big Brother Brazil 22. On Friday (7) the director repeated the opaque strategy and warned fans of the fact that the upcoming mysteries will be revealed on Sunday (9), during Fantastic.

It’s 1°C, feeling about -5°C. I’ve looked all over New York and I think there’s some clue for you with this view here. Let’s check it out?” Boninho said while showing his cityscapes in a post. Video. on Instagram.

After that, the person responsible for Globo’s reality shows shared a new series of riddles for the audience. Check the list:

  • + 11 = 2;
  • There are those who like to maintain the situation.
  • who loves a good project;
  • falls under;
  • hard as a rock;
  • Likes a different look;
  • He has only the face of a saint;
  • It could be on Broadway.

On the second of January, Bonino released the first series of clues About the participants of the attraction. Remember tips:

  • 2022-22;
  • “o” has;
  • It also has a “ba”;
  • country has ;
  • It has a duplicate name.
  • What about “ru”;
  • There are those who have two letters in their name;
  • There are those who come and go.
  • she has a mother
  • There are mixed people.

On Twitter, netizens stated that Ellen Roche, Thiago Abravanel, Julia Gama and Ines Brasil could be some of the answers to the new puzzles.

Under the leadership of Tadeu Schmidt, the BBB22 debuted on January 17th. He will lead CAT BBB, the funny frame of the reality show Dani Calabresa, after the departure of Rafael Portugal. Celebrities cited for incarceration include Arthur Aguiar, Nayara Azevedo and Sami Lee.

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Watch the video and some tweets about the case: