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Spider-Man: No Home

Spider-Man: No Home

Spider-Man: No Home The long-awaited meeting of the three translators brought the honorary hero in theaters: Andrew GarfieldAnd Tobey Maguire e Tom Holland. But fans were not alone in this confrontation – it seems that the actors themselves took the opportunity even off-screen, and even went out in disguise to watch the film with the audience.

Whoever told the story was the same Garfield, in an interview with Entertainment tonight. In addition to commenting on his participation in the film, telling how he felt when they approached him with the idea, he talked about the relationship he formed with him. McGuire e DutchWe also talk about how amazing the whole experience was:

“I still can’t believe what happened,” said the actor. “I went to the cinema opening night and just watched her with the baseball cap and the mask on. Actually, I was with Toby too, Toby and I went to the cinema together in disguise and no one knew we were there. It was really cool to share.”

Tobey Maguire also had to go undercover to see the movie

Garfield He also said that the idea was always to give all the focus to Peter who lives next to him Tom Holland, saying that the other translators for the hero were there “Kind of support and enjoyment, and it was so much fun”. On another point, he also highlighted his relationship with his colleagues:

“And finding that fraternity with Toby as well and with Tom, and the fact that we share a very unique experience,” commented.

After the actor participated in the MCU feature, rumors and speculations about a possible return to the role of Spider-Man began to emerge. Commenting on the possibility of returning to live the hero, Garfield Confirm your interestHe said he would be open to her if she felt it was okay.

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Spider-Man: No Home It is currently showing in cinemas.

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