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Mc Mirella causou em uma balada em Orlando, nos EUA (Foto: Instagram)

MC Mirella attracts attention and earns money dancing to a song in the US

MC Mirella attracted a lot of attention in a song in Orlando, Florida, United States, in the early hours of Friday (7). funkeira was rocking when gringo boy started throwing money at her.

“Guys, the girl was a problem with me,” said Mirella, continuing to dance and receiving more bucks from the young man. “I’m worried,” said the funk girl, laughing. “He doesn’t stop giving me money.”

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Mirella continued to enjoy the song with friends and collect the cash that fell to the floor: “They ask me to dance to throw more dollars,” she said with a laugh. “You can give me fifty percent, or there will be a quarrel,” he joked.

The MC announced Dynho Alves’ divorce on November 16, due to the dancer’s approach to Sthefane Matos in ‘A Fazenda 13’.

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