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Boma workers are surprised

Boma workers are surprised

The workers were surprised to visit a boma while preparing a plane to spray agricultural defenses in a agriculture.

Cougars are solitary animals and are most active at night. Its diet consists mostly of deer, but it can diversify its diet, as it is an opportunistic predator.

The presence of other carnivores directly affects prey selection and hunting environments. Females have several litters a year, have a gestation period that lasts between 90 and 96 days, and usually give birth to between 3 and 4 pups, about every two years.

Curiosity about Jaguar

Jaguar (Panthera onça) is the queen of the Pantanal, while it is at the top of the food chain, being the animal considered to be the most superhuman predator.

However, the biggest challenge for these adorable cats is to survive in increasingly smaller spaces due to deforestation and the destruction of their natural habitat.

Large jaguars can reach over 150 kilograms in size and have a length of 1.12 to 1.85 meters. Unlike cheetahs, jaguars have a shorter tail. Another difference between them is the pattern of spots on the skin and the larger size.

Jaguar is a strong and muscular animal. Size and weight vary greatly: the weight usually ranges from 56 to 96 kilograms.

In addition to possessing exceptional strength, it is the jaguar that has the greatest strength in its bite, among the big cats on the planet. This gives these animals the ability to easily pierce the shells of turtles and the skulls of their prey.

Generally solitary, mostly male jaguars hunt through ambushes, being an important predator at the top of the food chain and can eat any animal they can catch, playing a role in stabilizing ecosystems and regulating populations of prey species.

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