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The app can help you find out the Wi-Fi password: check it out!

The app can help you find out the Wi-Fi password: check it out!

Nowadays, there are many applications that have different functions. Many of them can help users with daily tasks, providing more convenience, without having to leave the house for this. Among the various apps out there is one that allows users to see where there are free Wi-Fi networks nearby.

In this way, the app is called InstaBridge, and it is available for both iOS and Android. Through it, it is allowed to share internet networks. See more below.

Learn more about the application that can help you to know your Wi-Fi password: does it really work? / Image: Disclosure

The app can help you find WiFi password

First of all, it is important to clarify that its operation is actually based on a collaboration between the InstaBridge users themselves.

So, what happens is that the users themselves can add public Wi-Fi points located all over the city, with their passwords. It is possible to add Wi-Fi networks connected to commercial establishments, such as snack bars, cafes, bars, and others.

This way, when accessing InstaBridge, the user will be able to see if there is a Wi-Fi network close to their location and discover the password, without having to ask for an access code on site.

In this sense, when entering the application, InstaBridge requests access to the user’s location in order to know where he is and, therefore, be able to show the registered Wi-Fi networks with the passwords issued.

In addition to that, another point that is important to stress is that the app cannot detect the Wi-Fi password of the places. That is, it is possible to access only the networks that the users themselves have entered into the application.

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How do you use the app?

The first step is to download it to your cell phone, and for this you can use the addresses below:

  • iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id971679641
  • Android: https://bityli.com/GpZygD

After downloading InstaBridge to your mobile phone, you need to log in. You can choose to sign in with your Facebook or Google account. By doing so, the app’s home page will open and you’ll need to grant permission so that it can access your location afterwards.

In this way, it is necessary to click “Allow” when opening the site tab. In the bottom menu, you can find several tab options. In the “Wi-Fi” tab, you can access all registered networks near your location.

Also, it is worth noting that in this same tab you can see your distance from the networks that appear. When you find a network that works for you, you can click on it to get more information, such as password and speed. Then you can copy the password and go to your device’s Wi-Fi connection, select the network and paste the password.

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