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What does Bill Gates think of the advancement of artificial intelligence?

a artificial intelligence It can be very beneficial to humans in many ways. Before moving on to the main topic, we need to analyze some of the advantages of this technology.

Artificial intelligence can automate monotonous tasks, thus freeing up time and resources for more important and creative activities. Moreover, AI can help solve complex problems faster and more efficiently as compared to traditional methods.

Another way AI can benefit humans is through the personalization of services and products. With the ability to analyze large user data, it can provide highly customized recommendations and suggestions to meet individual needs.

In general, AI owns the extension Possible To dramatically improve human quality of life in many different areas.

How does Bill Gates want to harness artificial intelligence?

All of these benefits were realized long before this text was written. For example, the great entrepreneur Bill Gates indicated his interest in associating the tool with the Microsoft-powered Bing search engine long before much was known about ChatGPT.

As many know, there was a big move by Microsoft to purchase OpenIA technology to improve the Bing search engine. But the latest news is that there have been some issues regarding the topic.

Not just Microsoft

Of course, we can’t forget to mention Google, which got scared and took action about it. Since ChatGPT gained notoriety and everyone saw Bing’s interest in integrating the tool, the leader for years in Google’s search engines expressed concern, as it would likely lose the post.

The step taken by Google was to create its own version of ChatGPT – Bard.

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In the midst of this chaos

Without talking a bit about all of these negotiations, Bill Gates recently gave an interview to the podcast “In Good Company.”

At this opportunity, Gates mentioned the fact that even if Bard does better than ChatGPT, Google will definitely incur huge losses in the near future. This is because Microsoft’s flexibility in the process of integrating AI into Bing has been more effective.

Of course, this is all just speculation. MicrosoftBecause both sides, Bing and Google, can have problems with their browsers if the intelligences give wrong answers to users. Therefore, everything is error prone.

Bill Gates’ speech, when he said that Google could suffer big losses in the future, is about the main revenue of search engines: advertising. If there are no ads, then there is no going back to the search engine, in this case Google.

From now on, if artificial intelligence develops and improves search engines like Bing, it will “steal” Google’s profits. Despite Gates’ high predictions, today Bing generates only 10% of what Google earns in revenue. This means a lot of work ahead.