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The group claims to have hacked all Sony systems

The group claims to have hacked all Sony systems

A group of hackers claims that they bypassed all of Sony’s security systems and managed to obtain confidential information about the Japanese company.

According to him, after defeating all Sony’s security guards, they are now looking for a buyer for the acquired information and will not even try to negotiate with Sony, because, according to them, Sony does not want to negotiate.

According to information shared by VGC, evidence of information theft was shared and among the less than 6,000 files obtained were internal company presentations.

If a buyer is not found for the files by September 28, releasing all the information publicly could be one of the next steps for this group.

In 2011, Sony suffered a major security breach that leaked confidential information from nearly 77 million PlayStation Network accounts and shut down the service for 23 days.

The company apologized to players and producers, was the target of numerous lawsuits and had to pay damages. Until now, the degree of confidentiality and importance of the stolen information is not yet known, as Sony has not yet reacted publicly.

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