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Brazilians demonstrate in London against Alexandre de Moraes

Brazilians demonstrate in London against Alexandre de Moraes

Brazilian protesters demonstrate in front of the Peninsula Hotel where Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Alexandre de Moraes is staying in London, United Kingdom. Protests were held this Friday (26) with Brazilian flags, loudspeakers and boom boxes. In addition to singing the national anthem and giving speeches against the arrest of invaders from the triads during the acts of vandalism in Brasilia on 8 January.

At the demonstration, the group also gave a round of applause to businessman Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly Twitter), who joined the fight against “censorship” imposed by the judiciary against Brazilian citizens.

'Oppression and Dictatorship'

One of the protestors complained about this through loudspeaker “Putting persecution, dictatorship and ideology on an entire nation”. “But until God gives us strength to stay here and fight, we will do so, because they cannot touch us here”. The man was grateful for the opportunity to be in London and represent the country “Millions of Brazilians in Fear”.

The Brazilian says, without mentioning Alexandre de Moraes by name “A whole nation fears one man”. “How long will you silence us”, He questioned. “Fight for your freedom while there's time”The man cried.

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