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As the reservoir level drops, Anil decides the electricity bill will be more expensive in June  Economie

As the reservoir level drops, Anil decides the electricity bill will be more expensive in June Economie

National Electric Energy Agency (a snakeI mentioned on Friday (28) that, during the month of June, she was Level 2 science of tariffs, The most expensive system.

This means that all consumers in Country A will be billed for electricity bills An additional value of R $ 6.24 per 100 kWh of energy consumed.

This is the first time this year that the agency has activated Red Flag Level 2. During May, Red Flag 1 was in effect, which applies an additional fee of R $ 4.16 for every 100 kWh consumed.

Tariff flags – Photo: Juliane Monteiro / Arte G1

This measure reflects the low level of water storage in hydroelectric reservoirs in the southeast and midwest, which account for more than half of the country’s generating capacity. According to the government, the last period of torrential rains in the two regions, from November 2020 to April 2021, was the driest in 91 years.

When the reservoir level is low, the government activates more thermal power plants, which generate energy from burning fuels, such as coal and diesel.

By activating more thermal power plants, the government is reducing hydroelectric generation and saving water from reservoirs. However, the energy produced by thermal plants is more polluting and more expensive which is reflected in the increased electricity bills.

The tariff science surcharge, created in 2015, specifically raises the money that will pay for the higher cost of energy production.

Anna Fleur: The government launches measures to avoid energy rationing in the country

The alert was issued due to the period of scarcity of rain that these areas will face from June to September.

Although reservoirs are low and the possibility of rain falling in the coming months, the government is ruling out the risk of a power outage in 2021. However, Emergency measures are not excluded to guarantee the power supply.

The tariff science system refers to the cost of generating power. The flag is green when the tank level is high and there is no need for additional activation of thermophilic plants.

With lower tanks, the possibility is higher energy costs as it requires more thermal plants to be activated. Hence, the flag can change to Yellow and Red (Level 1 or 2).

The purpose of the flag system is to inform consumers when the cost is increased and allow them to reduce usage to avoid paying a more expensive electricity bill.

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