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Check out the new PIS/PASEP 2024 salary allowance calendar

Check out the new PIS/PASEP 2024 salary allowance calendar

The PIS/Pasep salary bonus is a federal initiative that provides financial support to Brazilian workers who meet certain criteria. With 2024, new rules and processes have been implemented, impacting the way benefits are awarded and administered.

Who is eligible to receive the PIS/PASEP 2024 salary allowance?

To get benefits this year, workers must have done paid work on a formal contract for at least 30 days in base year 2022, and earn up to two months of minimum wage. Furthermore, it is essential that you have at least five years of registration in PIS/Pasep programs and that your information is correctly communicated by employers via RAIS/eSocial.

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PIS/PASEP 2024 Calendar:

  • Born in January: from February 15
  • Born in February: from March 15
  • Born in March and April: from April 15
  • Born in May and June: from May 15
  • Born in July and August: from June 17
  • Born in September and October: from July 15
  • Born in November and December: from August 15

How to check the value of PIS/PASEP salary allowance?

Beneficiaries can check the amount they need to receive and view payment schedules through the digital business card or website Gov.br. It is important to note that the dates are set by the Caixa Econômica Federal for PIS and the Banco do Brasil for Pasep.

What are the changes to PIS/PASEP salary allowance payment?

The main new feature this year is the unification of payment calendars for PIS and Pasep recipients. Now, payments are organized by month of birth, both for public sector employees and for workers in private companies, with the aim of making the process clearer and simpler.

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How to get PIS/PASEP 2024 salary allowance?

  • Confirm your eligibility through your digital work card or on the Gov.br portal.
  • Check the calendar and follow the payment date according to your birth month.
  • For those who have an account with Caixa, the bonus can be deposited automatically. For those who do not have an account, a free digital account can be opened.
  • Pasep beneficiaries must verify the deposit directly with Banco do Brasil.
  • If the payment is not made automatically, go to a branch of the paying bank with an identity document to make the withdrawal.

It is essential that all employees pay attention to the dates and follow procedures for checking and withdrawing values. With the 2024 changes, the distribution of the salary bonus is expected to be efficient, ensuring that all eligible beneficiaries receive their benefits on time.