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The Chamber agrees to include equine therapy in the unified health system – News

The Chamber agrees to include equine therapy in the unified health system – News

05/07/2024 – 19:20
• Updated on 07/05/2024 – 21:00

Zika Ribeiro/House of Representatives

Marco Brazil: The proposal will help strengthen the right to health

On Tuesday (7), the House of Representatives approved a draft law that includes equine therapy within the complementary therapeutic practice modalities of the Unified Health System (SUS). The matter will be sent to the Senate.

Authored by Representative André Ferreira (PL-PE), Bill No. 3446/19 was approved substitute For rapporteur Marco Brasil (PP-PR). According to the text, SUS will provide treatment with medical, psychological and physical therapy indications, taking into account its therapeutic benefits for various health conditions. For the rapporteur, the proposal will help strengthen the right to health.

Clinical protocols and treatment guidelines published by the Ministry of Health must also be respected.

To enable access to the service, federal entities will be permitted to enter into agreements with public or private entities to provide these equine therapy services. The modification may be made through a contract, agreement, development agreement, cooperation agreement or other similar instrument for the treatment of a person with a disability.

The future law will enter into force 180 days after its publication, and the Ministry of Health will have 60 days to regulate the issue.

Zika Ribeiro/House of Representatives

Gilson Marquez: The proposal is not possible with the resources currently available at SUS

Social interaction
Rep. Pedro Campos (PSB-PE) said that his brother with Down Syndrome underwent therapy with horseback riding, posture improvement and social interaction in a clinic with SUS insurance. He said: “In our homeland we know the importance of treatment such as equine therapy and we are happy to contribute to making it entirely within SUS.”

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According to Attorney General Girau (PL-RN), equine therapy was developed by a cavalry officer in Brasilia. “Equine therapy is serious business. We hope that people who rely on this therapy will be able to get it as soon as possible.”

Deputy Doctor Luisinho (PP-RJ) said that it is very important for SUS to participate in funding the treatment of horses.

For Representative Hugo Mota (Republicanos-PB), the treatment has proven effective in helping many diseases, especially in the rehabilitation of children, young people and adolescents. “This should be in the unified health system to enable people who cannot pay to access this type of service,” he said.

According to Representative Benedetta da Silva (PT-RJ), the project takes care of people with neurological impairment. “Best of all, we are strengthening the unified health system so it can provide care for children and adults.”

Rep. Chico Alencar (Psol-RJ) applauded the approval of the proposal, but stated that it is necessary to evaluate issues such as physical space to carry out treatment and ensuring qualified professionals to provide care. “We are confident that these obvious difficulties will be overcome by the benefits that equine therapy will bring.”

For Rep. Gilson Márquez (Novo-SC), the proposal is not possible with the resources currently available at SUS. “It is not possible today, with the resources of SUS, to buy horses for the whole of Brazil. You have to have a physical space to develop the treatment and have specialists to provide care.”

Report – Eduardo Piovesan and Thiago Miranda
Editorial – Georgia Moraes

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