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Camille Pays R $ 20 Million Interest on Private Equity (See How to Get It Right) – Money Times

With the reference date only next Tuesday (01), it is possible to be entitled to pay 0.054774397 BRL for each Camil subscribed share (Photo: Facebook / Camil)

board of directors Sentences (CAML3) To pay 20 million Brazilian reals in Interest on your capital (JCP) For the company’s shareholders, based on the number of shares on June 1, 2021.

With the reference date only next Tuesday (01), you can be entitled to pay 0.054774397 BRL for every ordinary share of Camil.

The indicated value can be updated, As a result of the applicable repurchase program operationsIf there is movement according to Camille.

Paying interest on your capital is subject to tax at 15% (fifteen percent) from Income tax At source, excluding shareholders who claim to be immune or exempt by June 2, 2021.

See our guide to quickly declare income tax and recover the maximum amount

Even, starting next Wednesday (02), Camil shares will be trading in the form of a “prior right of JCP”.

The shareholder payout day will be June 14, 2021, with no monetary adjustment or compensation due between the announcement and the actual payment date.

See shareholder notice:

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