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Art and science unite for creativity and freedom - Jornal da USP

Art and science unite for creativity and freedom – Jornal da USP

On the 23rd, at 9 a.m., artist and professor in the School of Communication and Arts (ECA) at USP Maria Bonomi will take part in the face-to-face exhibition unit. art windows with installation. Check out the unit’s full program below, which will take place September 21-28 at the Inova USP Building, in the Cidade Universitária, in São Paulo.

21 at 9 am.

Inauguration of the face-to-face display unit at the exhibition art windows.

21 at 2 pm

Meet researchers, artists, professors, and students from the University of the South Pacific participating in the exhibition art windows.

22 at 9 am

Sarita Talmeli and Silvia Ahlers will be holding a workshop on origami for students from the neighboring community of São Remo, Cidade Universitária.

22 at 2 pm

Lecture with Christina Rizzi on the work of art educator Anna May Barbosa.

23 at 9 am

Artist and educator Maria Bonomi speaks to the audience and creates the Bandeirantes installation.

23 at 2 pm

The 32nd Mario Schenberg Symposium on Art and Technology art windowsIn the presence of painter, video maker, performance artist, sculptor, writer, musician and curator José Roberto Aguilar.

26 at 9 am

The project “Rios Pinheiros and Tietê Clean Through Art and Culture”, with lawyer Rodolfo Costa e Silva.

26 at 2 pm

Lecture with University of the South Pacific Journalists on “How to Create a Journalistic Agenda”. They will also touch on the performance of journalism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

27 at 9 am

Lecture “Journey to Rio Negro”. A doctor from Albert Einstein Hospital who visited the Amazon spoke about the work of vaccinating indigenous and river people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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27 at 2 pm

“Environment and Climate” lecture with Professor Carlos Nobre, the global reference on climate.

28 at 9 am

Curator Anna Cristina speaks to the audience about the art collections at Palácio dos Bandeirantes, in São Paulo, and in Boa Vista, in Campos do Jordão (SP).

28 at 2 pm

Meeting with the exhibition participants art windows About creative paths during a pandemic. Close activities.