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Health plans must cover monkeypox tests

Health plans must cover monkeypox tests

The National Agency for Complementary Health added screening to its list of actions on Monday (19.set)

The ANS (National Agency for Complementary Health) added on Monday (September 19, 2022) a diagnostic test monkey pox noList of actions that health plans must cover.

The decision was approved extraordinarily and states that the beneficiary may request coverage of the examination with a medical indication.

secondly ANS . statementwas the decision “In light of the disease scenario that currently places Brazil among the six countries with the largest number of confirmed cases [da nova varíola] around the world”.

a Ministry of Health . said 360 . force in this 3Monday (20 September) what or what “Brazil has so far recorded 7,019 cases of monkeypox”. Read the full note at the end of this report.

Prepared the digital newspaper a Article explaining monkeypox. Read symptoms, transmission methods, prevention and treatment:

Read the full memo from the Ministry of Health sent to Poder360 on Tuesday (20. Collection):

“To date, Brazil has recorded 7,019 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the states of São Paulo (3,495 cases), Rio de Janeiro (956), Minas Gerais (447), the Federal District (241), Goiás (405), and Bahia (103). , Ceará (247), Rio Grande do Norte (67), Espirito Santo (64), Pernambuco (111), Tocantins (9), Amazonas (71), Acre (1), Rio Grande do Sul (169), Mato Grosso Do Sol (88), Mato Grosso (58), Santa Catarina (223), Paraná (173), Barra (29), Alagoas (12), Maranhão (13), Paraíba (17), Piauí (7), Roraima ( 4), Rondonia (3), Amapa (2) and Sergipe (4); and (2) deaths”.