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8 old games that got a remake in the new generation

8 old games that got a remake in the new generation

Every year we have the opportunity to see a game reappear thanks to the remake. This is generally seen as something beneficial, as fans can take the opportunity to enjoy the saga they love and new players get an extra chance to discover a classic game.

In this special presentation by the Voxel team, we’ll talk about it Eight old games remade in the new generation And you should check it as soon as possible. paying off!

Let’s start our list with a classic game from the first PlayStation that received a noteworthy remake, e.g Capcom paid a lot of attention to this Remake of Resident Evil 2which has received versions for PayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series

With more updated graphics, fans got a new chance to check out the saga of Leon and Claire as they roam Raccoon City facing off against zombies in an adventure that has undoubtedly won a place in many people’s hearts.

Nintendo doesn’t usually do much with remakes, but they do it right when they do something like this. The evidence for this is that one of the old games starring Link, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, It’s practically become a new game in this version for Switch.

One of the most notable points is the graphical update, moving away from the new version Link’s awakening (And a lot more!) than we had the opportunity to see in the classic Game Boy game, but the charm and content of the adventure remained intact in a work that is sure to please everyone.

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3. Dragon Quest 3

Dragon Quest 3 It’s still in development for consoles, but it’s definitely a game that has already emerged as a good choice for fans of good turn-based RPGs.

Count on The graphics have been updated to HD 2D format and the battle style, at least visually, is very similar to what we saw in Golden sun, Dragon Quest 3 It promises a package containing dozens of hours of fun, the ability to form a party of four for the first time in the series, post-credit content, and much more.

Exclusively for Switch and scheduled to arrive in November of this year, Super Mario RPG Remake She’s the latest in this relationship and also one of the relationships the community was most excited about when announced (which happened during a Nintendo Direct stream in June).

One of the most notable features in this package is the visual updateWhich makes the game even more charming than what we had the chance to see on the Super Nintendo, and in addition, it also features small animations for some sections and even new battle mechanics.

Anyone who lived through the golden age of the Master System should definitely remember Alex Kidd in the world of miraclesa game that came from the third edition of the Sega platform, which has a remake available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

For those who decide to venture here, The game features all the classic stages, plus new stages and additional game modes. In addition, we also have alternative bosses and even the ability to play in original mode.

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6. Joe and Mac caveman ninja

Joe and Mac It was initially released for arcades, but was later released for some consoles. In this new version, the audience has the opportunity to see Exactly the title that occupied the kiosks in various places around the world with a new look.

Whether on consoles or PC, anyone who ventures here can follow the journey of the caveman pair as they fight various enemies, including giant dinosaurs that appear at the end of each stage as a boss.

7. Renaissance ActRaiser

Square Enix has been remaking its classic games for some time now, and one of the games that received this treatment is ActRaiserIt was originally released for the Super Nintendo.

This adventure gives you the opportunity to see the game in all its glory with a new look, both in platforming stages and in real-time strategy moments. Just choose whether you want the PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, or mobile version and enjoy this bundle.

Let’s conclude our list with the new version of one of the most beloved games from the first PlayStation: Final Fantasy VII.

Remake of Final Fantasy VII It redesigned almost everything we had the chance to see in the original gameFrom the graphics to the battle system, which has become a bit more active.

The story has also undergone some changes, and we will have the opportunity to follow this development in two more games (Square Enix has split this remake for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 into three parts), with the second part scheduled for release in early 2024.

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And you, have you ever enjoyed any of the games mentioned above? Would you like to see more old games get remakes? Share your opinion with other readers using our social networks.