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WhatsApp launches call history management feature

WhatsApp launches call history management feature

a The WhatsApp that it a Request of messages so far a favour🇧🇷 what she has More than 2 billion users scattered fur Globalism. This platform belongs to the company Meta which Follow had brought innovations in for you the system Employment for what they users You have All turn bone better experience🇧🇷

secondly a the last WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp is transplant a resources Who is capable that traces historical of calls on your Request desktop. And for those who don’t know, WABetaInfo is an online tracker.

Also according to the report, The WhatsApp Launched Windows 2.2246.4.0 beta update in the Microsoft Store, which had become possible a Management Dra Call history inside from the application desktop. This means, for the time being, this new feature is only available to desktop beta users.

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More about the new feature of the app

a Report Share Fishing Monitor And the presents New tab from calls what that it Open When you use WhatsApp. The He left who is this the new tabusers she has being able to The One list of Historical of calls From Request🇧🇷 It is also possible to access other information by opening the contact card.

Like this app that it One trial version, a Historical of calls may not is being It synced instantly with are doing your mobile device, ”the report states. The fact is that calls made from the WhatsApp desktop may not appear in your cell phone history, but it is likely that this problem will be resolved in the next update.

This new feature is available for testing by people who have the new update. 2.2246.4.0 from whatsapp beta for windows in Microsoft Store. It is estimated that this feature will be available in the coming days to all beta testers.

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More news

Meta is also working on a new desktop feature called Screen Lock. This feature will require a password each time the user opens the app. In this way, the application will provide a greater layer of protection and security to its users. As reported by WABetaInfo, this new feature is still in the development stage and should be released for testing in the future.