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Fans are replicating the game in Unreal 5

Fans are replicating the game in Unreal 5

GTA San Andreas It is one of the most popular games in the series to this day, receiving ports, adaptations, or even winning titles Memes In and out of the game. But recently, the new version of the game presented by Rockstar has been the target of many criticisms online, both for visual errors and gameplay errors. Thanks to this, one fan decided to repeat part of the game Unrealistic 5.

User “12th Hour” posted a video on YouTube titled “I Remastered GTA San Andreas (Fixing Rockstar’s Mistake)” or translated “I Remastered GTA San Andreas (Fixing Rockstar’s Mistake)” in which he reconstructs some of the game’s moments, scenarios, and vehicles using Unreal 5. Plus, he comments a bit on the production, watch the video below.

The video currently (10/25/2023) has achieved more than 4 million views. Its original publication date was 06/19/2023. He commented on some issues regarding the production of this remaster as well as commenting on some of the problems with the Rockstar Remastered version, and even joked that he wanted the developer to hire him.

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Unreal 5 is the latest engine from Epic Games, which can create practically realistic graphics as we saw in the video, some publishers are already using the engine to develop their games, such as Bandai Namco with Tekken 8 and the future game in the Ace series Fighting will also use this engine. Moreover, the developer is Developing a shooting game with practically realistic graphics Using Unreal 5.