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7 strange facts about kissing discovered by science

7 strange facts about kissing discovered by science

Hey The act of kissing Scientists consider it approx As old as Humanity itself. According to research published by the scientific journal “Sciences” In May 2023, One of the first confirmed records of romantic sexual kiss between humans (i.e. those in which the lips of different individuals are pressed against each other) are found in A Manuscript Bronze Age Coming from South Asiamore precisely where India is currently located, with Estimated date 1500 BC.

A topic of curiosity both on the part of history specialists and those in the field Medical SciencesThe Qibla has an astronomical calendar dedicated to it – the World Kiss Day – It is celebrated annually in April 13.

To learn more about this common verb among people today, National Geographic separate Seven interesting facts about kissing This is it Scientifically and historically influential. He follows:

According to the magazine article “Sciences”Recent evidence shows this Kiss on the lips It has already been documented in old Mesopotamia And in Egyptfrom 2500 BC

The scientific source explains that “How is this behavior? It did not appear suddenly or In a certain society“Maybe it was Practiced in several ancient cultures Over several thousand yearsWhich means that it occurred in several historical periods at the same time.

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