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The nurse and health center employee are being investigated regarding the vaccine leak

The nurse and health center employee are being investigated regarding the vaccine leak

An illustrative image of the vaccine application Photography: Lincoln Zarbetti – 2/15/2017

A nurse and another employee, working at the Noraldino Lima Health Center, in the western region of Belo Horizonte, are being investigated for allegedly leaking 12 doses of the influenza vaccine. The case occurred two weeks ago in the health center where they work, and the municipal inspector general is following up on it.

According to the complaint received by O Tempo, the nurse drew 12 doses of the vaccine into a syringe at the request of this health unit employee. According to the complaint, she requested the doses to vaccinate her family and friends, who would not be in the priority group to receive the vaccine.

The vaccines would have been administered outside the health centre, which constitutes an irregular practice. Only bedridden and weak patients can receive the vaccination at home with a license from the health center director.

In a memorandum, the Belo Horizonte City Council said, “The municipal health department received the complaint through the municipal inspector's office. The case is under investigation.” The Ministry of Interior has been questioned and the article will be updated with the situation.

the vaccine

Influenza vaccine doses provided in the municipal health network are trivalent, meaning they protect against influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2) and influenza B.

You can get vaccinated:

  • Children aged 6 months to <6 years (5 years, 11 months, 29 days);
  • health workers;
  • pregnant women;
  • Postpartum women (up to 45 days postpartum);
  • Basic and higher education teachers;
  • Indian people;
  • Seniors aged 60 and over;
  • homeless people;
  • Security and rescue forces professionals;
  • Armed forces professionals;
  • People with chronic non-communicable diseases and other special clinical conditions (more than 6 months);
  • People with permanent disabilities;
  • truck drivers;
  • Public road transport workers (urban and long-distance);
  • dock workers;
  • Workers in a system that deprives of freedom;
  • Population deprived of liberty, as well as adolescents and young people subject to social and educational measures (aged 12 to 21 years).
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