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Do you want to avoid aging?  Science has the solution

Do you want to avoid aging? Science has the solution

There's no way around it, if you want to rejuvenate, you need to get that body working. New research reveals that the accumulation of fat, also known as fat, in our muscle tissue is linked to aging. So far, only physical activity has proven to be an effective solution.

The magazine published the discovery made by the University of Amsterdam Medical Center in cooperation with Maastricht UMC+ Aging nature.

Fat accumulation and aging

  • To understand how our metabolism changes as we age, scientists analyzed ten types of tissue – including muscle, kidney, liver and heart – from mice.
  • As they grew older, the presence of a type of fat, bis-glycerol phosphates (or BMPs), increased in the animals' tissues.
  • Accumulation of BMPs has also been identified in muscle biopsies from elderly people.
  • Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that aging is associated with the accumulation of lipids (fat).
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Exercise rejuvenates you

After understanding the relationship between fat and the human aging process, the researchers conducted new investigations on muscle biopsies from people before and after they started exercising, which included an hour of physical activity daily. The comparison showed that BMP levels decreased in these individuals.

Rekelt Houtkober, a professor at the Laboratory of Metabolic Genetic Diseases at UMC Amsterdam who worked on the study, believes that avoiding aging is not impossible.

“The idea that we can reverse aging has long been considered science fiction, but these discoveries allow us to understand more about the aging process.”

Hotcopper's Express Medical.

Although these results are promising, they do not provide a complete answer to our “dose of youth.” Researchers want to dig deeper and better understand how BMPs contribute to ageing, what the consequences of their accumulation are and whether this can be avoided just through exercise or whether there are other forms of intervention.

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