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6 Big Mistakes Half of People Make When Charging Their Phones

6 Big Mistakes Half of People Make When Charging Their Phones

Charging a cell phone is a simple procedure, but many mistakes are made that can damage our precious device.

Let’s explore 6 common mistakes when charging your cell phone and how to avoid them to keep the device running smoothly.

6 Big Mistakes Half of People Make When Charging Their Phones | Photo: Freepik

6 Fatal Mistakes Half of People Make When Charging Their Phones

1. Charge the phone up to 100%

Many people think that charging a phone to 100% of its capacity is ideal. However, a full charge cycle can stress the battery and shorten its lifespan. It is recommended to keep your phone’s battery between 20% and 80%.

2. Charge your phone overnight

Leaving your phone charging overnight is a common habit, but it can harm your battery. Although modern smartphones have power management systems that prevent overheating, charging the battery for extended periods of time can stress the battery.

3. Using low-quality chargers

It is important to use a high quality charger that is compatible with your smartphone model. Improper chargers may damage the battery, reduce its useful life, or even cause fires. It is recommended to use a charger of the same brand as the device, as they are more likely to be compatible. If you choose a charger from another brand, make sure it is of good quality and compatible with your phone by consulting data sheets and expert opinions.

4. Use the phone while charging

Using the phone while charging may cause it to overheat and reduce charging efficiency. Avoid playing games, watching videos, or making video calls while your phone is connected to the charger.

5. Avoid draining the battery completely

While it is a myth that your smartphone battery must be completely discharged before it can be recharged, this does not apply to all models. For example, Apple recommends fully discharging the iPhone battery once a month to calibrate it. To keep your battery longer and save money, follow your device manufacturer’s recommendations.

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6. Charge your phone in hot environments

The ambient temperature also affects the charging process. Avoid charging the phone in hot places, such as direct sunlight, to prevent the battery from overheating.

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By taking these steps, you will protect your investment and ensure that your smartphone continues to perform at its best for longer.