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Rockstar “changes” the location of GTA 6 and creates expectations among fans

Rockstar “changes” the location of GTA 6 and creates expectations among fans

The anticipation of the arrival, or even more news about GTA 6, is so high that fans are interested in every little step that Rockstar makes that might have something to do with the game. Like, for example, the recently discovered modifications made by the company on the game’s official website.

In recent days, many Internet users have identified some minor modifications to the page, which have already been removed from what is visible to the user, but appear in the source code. There are, for example, references to the game’s digital pre-sale and a new space for taking screenshots.

Obviously this may not mean anything, but with rumors of a new State of Play coming in the next few days, and the Summer Games Festival also knocking on the door, there’s no doubt that it would make sense to get news about the most anticipated events for next year’s game.

Especially since Rockstar Games has in recent weeks brought its team back to its offices to give this final push to development. Who knows, maybe part of this will be finishing a new trailer, for example?

It should be noted that GTA 6 still does not have an official release date, but rather just predictions for the 2025 window.

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F1 takes inspiration from GTA 6 to promote Miami GP

The GTA 6 trailer was released in December, but the franchise is so powerful that it continues to inspire other entertainment markets. For example, TV channel Sky Sports (England) promoted the Miami F1 Grand Prix in 2024 with a commercial entirely inspired by the Rockstar franchise.