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39 million Brazilians have “forgotten” money in banks;  Learn how to find out if you're on the list

39 million Brazilians have “forgotten” money in banks; Learn how to find out if you're on the list

If you are Brazilian and looking for extra money, it may be interesting to know that about 39 million people have “forgot” their money in the Brazilian financial system. This information was released by the Central Bank at the beginning of this year, and the data covers the period up to November 2023. Surprisingly, there are R$7.5 billion available in the SVR, of which R$7.5 billion is available and R$5.55 billion has already been recovered. dollars through financial institutions.

What is the receivable value system?

Due value systemSVR) is a platform created by central bank Centralization and availability of information about the values ​​available to their rightful owners. Essentially, it acts as a database that collects financial resources that, for some reason, have not been recovered by their owners.

Over the years, many situations can lead to money being forgotten in the financial system, such as inactive bank accounts, remaining balances in financial investments, refunds that have not been withdrawn, unclaimed inheritances, and even amounts forgotten in company accounts.

How to check if you forgot money?

If you want to check if there is any forgotten value in the Brazilian financial system, the Central Bank provides a simple and practical way to check. Just access location And provide the required information.

On the site, you can enter your CPF or CNPJ The entire consultation is conducted online. It is important to have these documents on hand, as they will be used to check if there are any funds available in your name.

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Restoring values

Since the program began in February 2022, only 28% of account holders have recovered the amounts that were available in the system. This equates to about 17 million people who were able to recover their “forgotten” money.

It is important to stress that recovery of values ​​is necessary so that funds do not remain stuck in the financial system. Moreover, redemption is the right of every Brazilian citizen who has an amount available in his name.

Which companies have money to save?

In addition to Brazilians, there are also 3 million companies with money that can be recovered in the financial system. These companies may have forgotten amounts for several reasons, such as unclaimed security deposits, inactive business account balances, etc.

For companies, the consultation and recovery process is similar to that for ordinary citizens. Just log in to the website central bank and provide the information required to verify whether any value is available on behalf of the company.

Tips to avoid forgetting money

To avoid forgetting money in the financial system, it is important to adopt some simple practices. Check out some tips below that can help you:

  1. Keep your bank accounts active: Avoid leaving bank accounts inactive for long periods. If you don't use a particular account, officially close it to prevent forgetting amounts.

  2. Pay attention to refunds: If you are entitled to a tax refund, such as income tax, pay attention to deadlines and get your refund as soon as possible. Avoid leaving money idle, vulnerable to forgetting.

  3. Update your registration data: Keep your personal data up to date with financial institutions. This way you will receive communications and notifications about the amounts available in your name.

  4. Organize your money: Get into the habit of organizing your money and monitoring your investments, accounts, and investments periodically. This will make it easier to determine if there are any forgotten values.

Submit your inquiry now and recover your rights

With the announcement that around 39 million Brazilians have money “forgotten” in the financial system, it is important for everyone to remain alert and make inquiries to check if there is any amount available in their name. The Central Bank provides an electronic platform for this inquiry, which can be made quickly and easily. Furthermore, it is necessary to recover these amounts to prevent them from remaining stuck in the financial system.

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Remember to adopt practices to avoid forgetting money, such as keeping your accounts active, taking care of refunds, updating your registration details and organizing your finances. This way, you will be better prepared to prevent values ​​from being forgotten and you will be able to make better use of your personal or business finances.

Don't leave your money “forgotten” in the Brazilian financial system. Now check if there is any amount available in your name and recover your rights.